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The claims in this post are false and Freedom Steel has no knowledge of who this customer is. If you are in fact a Freedom Steel customer please contact our customer service department at 1-800-630-2846 and we will make sure to resolve any outstanding issues you have.

Thank you,
Freedom Steel Customer Service


FREEDOM STEEL of Del Ray Florida, and operating websites claiming offices in every state from Illinois to Ohio to Oregon and Canada, is a COMPANY TO AVOID at all costs!!! They are in Chapter 11 BANKRUPTCY!! You have no protection if you send them any money, and in my case, they didn't ever deliver what was promised on time or accurately. If you complain, they will threaten to sue you. The reviewer who wrote about blueprint errors and incomplete delivery of parts is absolutely correct!! That's what happened to me. If you don't get your building on time as promised, and want a refund, they will REFUSE and keep almost all of your money. PLEASE GO TO A MORE REPUTABLE STEEL COMPANY!!! Save yourself the heartache and financial losses I have experienced.

BY THE WAY, Their testimonials are BOGUS as far as I'm concerned. Or, maybe to avoid getting in hot water with the Florida COURT and bankruptcy TRUSTEE, they've opened up multiple other steel companies with different names, all the better to hide from their debts. What do you think!????

It's funny how IDENTICAL testimonials, word for word, with the same supposed customer posted on the Freedom Steel website are also posted on at least two other steel building companies websites including Safeway Steel and Powerbilt Steel. (Saved the screenshots too, in case the companies take them off). DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY.


Chicago, Illinois, United States #731143

I will make this short and sweet.Freedom steel is a scam.

The owner Sean Hackner and his brother michael hackner and bianca hackner morabito are liars crooks and bullshitters. They send out bogus press releases about their so called satisfied customers and repeat customers.

Stay away from anything out of florida where its all buyer beware and companoes like freedom steel will get your money give you squat and just *** over.My opinion: don't buy from freedom steel unless you want to lose your hard earned money and get a low quality poorly made piece of *** with all the bolt holes wrong, missing pieces, if your steel even shows up at all!!!!


I purchased my first steel building from a Freedom Steel salesman named Milton; I believe back in 2004 (its been a while). The building was a 24x60 with 14 eaves and 4:12 pitch with 4 10'x10' doors, man door and full insulation. Milton was very patient and helped me add and remove items from the original quote until the building was at a price that I could afford. I believe the original design was close to $34k and I think when all was said and done, I think I paid around $14-$17k for it. Milton was very open and told me what options would add to or lower the cost of the building.

I paid my deposit and all was good up until it was time to deliver my building. Milton called me and stated that the company was adding a fuel surcharge to cover the spike in gas prices at the time. I believe the fuel surcharge was about $450. I complained and eventually Milton told me that he had made a mistake in my pricing and had given me the building at a lower cost than he was supposed to and his management was putting heat on him to recoup it; thus the additional fuel surcharge. Milton had told me in one of our earlier conversations that his wife was not doing well and I believe Milton himself was going through mouth cancer (if my memory is correct). I was aware that he had knocked off a lot of the original price, so I went ahead and paid the fuel surcharge instead of giving Milton a hard time. Yes, I believe Milton was being totally honest with me. Again, no problems with delivery, no problems with missing parts; overall a great experience and a great price.

Due to a myriad of reasons, I was not able to erect my building right away and a couple of months went by. I called Milton to ask a question about the erection process and the company told me he no longer worked for them; (which made me wonder if they let Milton go for selling the buildings too low). They transferred me to the Engineer who was very helpful. Over the course of building the garage, the Engineer would always answer my questions within a few days; not as quick as I would have liked considering all work was stopped while I waited on a response, but overall pleased.

A few years later, I called to inquire about a second larger Freedom Steel building that I wanted to build. I was considering a 40x100 or 60x100. Milton's old number was now answered by a salesman Perry Tabrizi. Within minutes of speaking with Perry Tabrizi, he was rude and condescending, making comments like "call back when you have the money for a building" and "we don't give detailed quotes to people who are not serious about buying a building". I asked for the owner of the company and he refused to provide the name and number and hung up on me. I called the secretary and was given the name, phone number and email of the the company president. I have no way of knowing if the man that returned my call was truly the president, but he did apologize profusely and stated that is not how his employees are supposed to treat customers. He offered me a significant discount on my next purchase, I believe 15%, but I told him that I was just shopping around at the time.

Incredibly, just a month or so later, Perry Tabrizi made a sales call to me, totally forgetting who I was and forgetting that he was so rude to me the first time we spoke. I let him give his sales pitch and then I reminded him who I was and I told him that I was still looking to purchase a steel building from Freedom Steel, but I did not want him as my salesman and I asked to be transferred to another salesperson. He said he was the only salesperson there. I asked to speak to the president (and called him by name) and Perry hung up on me again. I emailed the president this time and said it would be doubtful that I would purchase from Freedom Steel because whatever "punishment" they gave Perry Tabrizi the first time had failed and he was still as pushy and rude as before.

So in summary, I loved my first experience with Freedom Steel when they had Milton as a salesman. Reading these posts and based on my personal experience, it seems they've gone downhill since replacing Milton with Perry Tabrizi. I am astonished that Perry Tabrizi is still with the company considering I personally complained about his rudeness to the company president twice.

Billings, Montana, United States #694210

Had Freedom steel steal 30% of their money when freedom steel couldn't keep their promises. !!!! Thats what it should say many thousands of dollars have they stolen from unhappy customers.

Billings, Montana, United States #694206

Freedom Steel keeps ranking these complaints as bull****. Guess the company can't stand the FIRST AMENDMENT right to FREE speech. Face it folks, people who have been scammes by you are going to use the internet to fight back against people like you who steal their money and rip them off with faulty product, broken delivery promises and lost money.

Theres a whole private newsgroup and website devoted to the 77+ and counting unsatisfied people who made the terrible mistake of giving this company money. And I tell you, no I VOW to you, we will keep sharing our stories the same way the unhappy general steel customers do. We are actively recruiting more horror stories to spread the word about del ray florida freedom steel building complaints !!!!!

Freedom Steel better look at their books and start returning ALL funds to each and every customer who sent them money and either didnt get it back, or had Freedom Steel *** 30% of their money when contraxts got cancelled due to freedom steels lack of ability to perform to their contractual obligations!!!!

Word gets around about slimeball companies.

Aurora, Missouri, United States #694198

Freedom Steel is NOT a steel supplier or manufacturer. They are a DEALER. Learn from my mistake. I sent this scam company Freedom Steel a deposit and got no product!!! The better business bureao is a joke they have more than 9 complaints and they have no legal power to enforce contracts.

Freedom Steel bought and paid for their fake bogus A+ rating. I called the Florida attorney general's office and have been advised there are more than 26 complaints about this so-called "reputable" business.

I will tell anyone I meet DONT BUY FROM FREEDOM STEEL!!!!! I'm not a competitor just an ordinary former customer who despite repeatedly contacting this company, lost thousands of dollars that freedom steel never returned. I think they are liars and *** artists with thousands of dollars in debt to credit card companies, banks, former customers, finance companies and even the power company!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, United States #683992

I checked out this company freedom steel and considered buying from them.Until I read the testimonials on their websitr and in the course of researching other steel companies found suspicious testimonials that were word for word from other websites!!!

I found dozens of complaints that this company is bankrupt and I decided to go somewhere else to buy my steel!!!!!Better safe than sorry.

to luzo #690727

Anyone can post Anything about Anybody on these websites including situations that we know nothing about.

The reason the Better Business Bureau (BBB) does not have these complaints listed is because they check into all of them first.

Freedom Steel has maintained its A+ Rating with the BBB over the past 12 years by ensuring that customers expectations are always exceeded.

Websites like this are basically a sounding board for anyone that wants to post anything, true or not, even if it is a competitor simply trying to deter business their way when they cannot win it on their own merits.

True, Freedom Steel did enter a Chapter 11 filing in 2012 resulting from a poor real estate investment within our Property Division.

However, we have been approved by the courts and since then exited as well as remain in the black as a business; and are up to date with all of our vendors. Freedom Steel has emerged stronger and larger allowing us to maintain our stellar reputation without interruption.

Because we do not have you in our records as a customer, please call, email or come and see us so we can address your concern –

Bianca Morabito

1-800-630-2846 Ext 255

If a resolution to this matter is your intention call us ASAP and we will find an amicable outcome for you.

Thank you!

to Freedom Steel Rep Denver City, Texas, United States #694188

It doesnt appear Freedom Steel does have a stellar reputation, and this moral preaching and rant about consumer review sites from a company rep sounds sanctimonius, pious, and entirely self-serving.Yes, anyone can post anything including unhappy customers who want others to know where they decide to spen their hard earned money.

Great companies don't have 20+ complaints about them.

Sounds like buying from Freedom Steel is a "poor real estate investment".

After reading all these comments and the company reply, "oh this is just a competitor who wants to ruin our business" blah blah blah what a bunch of farfetched garbage, its not worth the risk.I'm going to buy from a company not in Florida, the fly-by-night snake salesman (or woman) capital of the states.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #650686

Freedom steel, what a terrible outfit.They seem to be a shell company with dozens of other steel companies they run under different names probably so the bankruptcy trustee doesnt get wise to how they operate while in bankruptcy.

This place is run by the hackner family little wonder they have no photos of themselves on their website after reading more reviews.

Their salesguy was slimy and pushy from the get go, wanted a deposit before even giving the quote, to avoid tire kickees they said.Well this tore kicker wanting to spend $45, 000 on a steel building is buying from an outfit on canada!!!!


I am in the market for a steel building.I called the Florida attorney general and it was confirmed that 1.

Freedom Steel in Del Ray Florida is in bankruptcy protection and 2. The attorney general has received more than 24 complaints about this company. 3.

Freedom Steel is not a manufacturer as their material suggests, they are a broker.I'm buying from someone with a real plant and a good reputation!!


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